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Swedish Massage - Relaxation Therapy (Round Rock, TX)

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Initial 60 Minute Massage $65

A Swedish massage is great for anyone new to massage to anyone who wants to relax. Using a variety of strokes from kneading to light, rhythmic tapping, a Swedish massage focuses on the top layers of muscle in the body. Along with joint movement guided by the massage therapist, a Swedish massage relieves muscle tension to relax and energize the client. The massage therapists of Round Rock Health and Wellness will customize every Swedish massage to the needs of the client focusing on the total body or specific points of tension. A Swedish massage is great for first time clients and regular clients who want to prevent stress and tension from building up.

What to Expect

Unlike some facilities that offer a "1 hour" massage, but include other non-massage activities in that time which typically reduces table time to 50 minutes or less, please note that our licensed massage therapists provide a full 60-minute massage for the one hour. Our one hour appointments are scheduled for 75 minutes which allows our therapists plenty of time to set up for the next client. No one is ever rushed on and off the table.

During a Swedish massage, there are four different strokes that can be used: effleurage (smooth, gliding strokes that relax the soft tissue), petrissage (squeezing, rolling, or kneading strokes), friction (deep, circular movements that increase the blood flow), and tapotement (short, alternating taps). The massage therapist will choose different strokes throughout the massage based on the client's areas of tension and pain.

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Relieve Tension and Stress

Take a break from the fast lane with a Swedish massage at Round Rock Health and Wellness. Taking just an hour to heal yourself with a massage can make the rest of your week easier when you get rid of built-up stress and tension.

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