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Sports massage therapy is aimed toward athletes of every level, whether you are a seasoned marathon runner, weightlifter or weekend yoga goer. Massage therapy can relieve you from any pain you may be experiencing due to sports activities. Specific massage techniques are used to cater to your physical needs. Our Round Rock sports massage therapists take into consideration the intensity and frequency of your sport in order to create a customized massage that is specific to you. Pain can be debilitating and prevent you from achieving your athletic goals. So if you are suffering from a muscle tear or sports injury, you can greatly benefit from massage therapy. Our therapists are highly trained in sports massage therapy and are here to help keep you in the game. Learn more about the treatments we offer,

About our Sports Massage

Treatments vary dramatically depending on the severity of your injury or pain. Our experienced team members are educated in the anatomy and physiology of tendons, connective tissue, joints and ligaments, in order to provide you with the best care possible. We pride ourselves in giving you the attention and aid you need in order to effectively recover from sports trauma. Treatments will involve techniques designed to pull, stretch, and release muscles and joints from pain. 

What to Expect

Our dedicated Round Rock Sports Massage Therapists are trained to understand the human body in order to lead you to recovery. Your Therapist will consult with you before your session to learn about your specific sport, and where you may be experiencing injury, aches, and pains. They may also conduct minor assessment that may include range of motion and palpation to determine your level and points of discomfort. Once target areas are defined, the Therapist will use specific massage techniques to free you from pain. Classical methods like Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, active release, passive release, myofacial release and hydrotherapy may be used in your session. Depending on the degree of your injury or pain, your therapist may encourage a follow-up appointment or additional treatments and therapies to further heal your discomfort.

Additional Treatments

For some patients, therapy alone is not enough to help treat certain injuries. Soreness, aches, and pains, especially chronic pain, may benefit from other services offered by our health and wellness center. We may recommend seeing one of our seasoned Chiropractors, or possibly undergoing an acupuncture treatment. Many patients combine services, therapies, and treatments to help repair their injury, and get them back on the road to recovery.

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Get Back in the Game!

Massage therapy is great preventative care that reduces soreness and tension. As a result, it will enhance your endurance, agility and speed up recovery time. Pain caused by overuse, strained muscles, and soreness can prevent you from excelling and from participating in that sport you love. Don’t miss out on that next big play and endorphin fix, call our office today to schedule an appointment. We will get you back on the field in no time!

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