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Lymphatic Massage - Manual Lymph Drainage Massage (Round Rock, TX)

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Initial 60 Minute Lymphatic Massage $85  (or $20 upgrade to your member rate)

The lymph system is in charge of removing toxins, waste, other unwanted material from the body. So when the lymphatic fluid is not flowing properly, the body feels sluggish, blocked, and swollen, plus the body is more vulnerable to infections and diseases. A lymphatic massage stimulates the flow of the lymphatic system to eliminate fluid build-up and muscle contractions for better overall health and healing. Lymphatic massage is beneficial to anyone experiencing edema (swelling). A lymphatic massage at Round Rock Health and Wellness can improve your:

  • Healing after surgery
  • Breastfeeding
  • Immune system
  • Relaxation

What to Expect

A lymphatic massage uses the lightest pressure of all the massages offered at Round Rock Health and Wellness. Our Round Rock lymphatic massage specialist use light strokes to help improve the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body and can be used to drain excess lymph from areas of swelling. The therapist will work in a circular motion, following the lymphatic system and pushing fluids back towards the heart.

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Stimulate Your Lymph System

If you are experiencing swelling, slow healing after surgery, or chronic fatigue, schedule a lymphatic massage at Round Rock Health and Wellness. Our massage therapists will find and remove blocks in the lymphatic system to improve your immune system and overall wellness.

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