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This specialized head and scalp treatment with Round Rock Health and Wellness will relax you, allow you to de-stress, and rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

About Head and Scalp Treatment

Our soothing and custom head and scalp treatment is a luxurious therapy for all hair types. The therapist will select an oil that will serve as a soothing remedy that will be used for your session. Once warmed, this personal blend will be massaged into your head and scalp. This is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that is especially nice in times of stress or if you are prone to headaches. Our skilled therapists use just the right pressure to massage all areas of the scalp, upper forehead, upper neck, and the temples. Patients absolutely love the way the treatment feels.  Once the session has concluded, patients can wash their hair at home and perform their normal daily hair routine. The longer the oil is on the more therapeutic it will be.  Treatments generally last approximately 30 minutes.

What to Expect

During a head and scalp treatment session, you can expect the Round Rock head and scalp treatment therapist to apply warm oils to your head and scalp. The massage therapist will gently weave their hands in and around your hair to thoroughly distribute the oils. Slowly, they will make their way to your scalp, massaging in a forward and backwards motion along the base of your head and neck up to your temple. During this time, feel free to relax and enjoy this soothing experience. Most clients find it so relaxing that they drift off to sleep. Our therapists love when their clients feel de-stressed and invigorated. Also, don’t hesitate to let your therapist know if there is any area that feels particularly soothing, as they can focus more on that region. Treatments will boost your mood and leave you with less tension in the jaw, neck and scalp.

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Relax and Get Pampered

There are several health benefits that result from receiving a scalp and head treatment. It alleviates stress, uplifts your spirits.  Scalp massages are also known to increase blood flow to and from the skin, which can improve scalp conditions. Don’t hesitate to call our office to schedule your head and scalp treatment today.

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