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Round Rock Health and Wellness offers hand and feet treatments to help soothe the aches and pains individuals experience from the everyday wear and tear on their bodies. With a thorough, regular and ongoing massage treatment that is accompanied with steamed towels and a scrub, you can keep your hands and feet feeling pain-free year-round. Our trained Round Rock hand and feet treatment therapists understand how delicate the features are within the hands and feet and focus on healing sore and strained tendons with precise massage techniques.   

Hand Treatment

The hands consist of numerous muscles and tendons, which control the movement of the fingers and wrist. Half of these intricate tissue points reside in the palm alone, with the other half located in the forearm. Pain in your hands can arise for many different reasons. It’s easy to overwork your hands due to typing, painting, working out (lifting weights), or playing sports (such as baseball and tennis). Pain in your hands can be disabling and prevent you from doing the simplest task. Our highly-trained Therapists are skilled in techniques that will help relieve you from the discomfort you may be feeling due to overuse and repetitive motion, carpal tunnel, arthritis, or trauma. Getting a hand and forearm massage is a pleasant way to recover, and release any tension or throbbing aches.

Feet Treatment

Similar to our hands, our feet undergo heavy activity everyday due to walking, running, jumping, and sports activity. Unlike the hands, the feet carry far more intertwined tendons, ligaments, and muscles, which means there are countless areas that can suffer from tension and pain. Even wearing shoes that don’t properly support your feet can cause inflammation of the tissue that connects the bones and tendons. When the discomfort is not treated, it can lead to further injury. Some feet injuries can become so severe that they can lead to a period of bed rest. These tender pressure areas are addressed through precise massage treatment, which works to stretch and strengthen the delicate, injured tissue and help repair and rebuild so that the patient can resume a pain-free life.

About the Treatment

Our hands and feet get worked everyday, and we often don’t think too much about them until they are in pain. Our team can help you identify those areas of discomfort and massage the points of tension to bring you relief. Treatments involve specific stretching techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. Sessions begin with steam towels to soften and prepare the skin. The feet or hands are then gently exfoliated and cleansed. Next, the therapist will apply a detoxifying mud mask. The mask will sit for a few minutes to further treat the skin and will be rinsed. The session is then topped off with an extensive massage, that not only feels amazing, but works to slowly treat and restore the health of the fibrous tissues that are damaged.

What to Expect

Patients will be welcomed in a private room to remove any articles of clothing that will hinder the massage treatment, such as shoes, socks, and long sleeve shirts. Once the client is ready, our massage therapist will join their patient to begin the session. If you are receiving a hand massage, you can expect your therapist to slowly apply pressure to your hands, making their way to the wrist and up the forearm. During feet massages, you can expect similar techniques to be used on your toes, as well as the middle of the foot, heel, and calf. You may experience soreness the following day, but this is because of the stretching your muscles received during treatment in order to release joint tension and muscle strain. The pain will subside, and you will feel stronger and rejuvenated.  

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Hand and Feet Ache Relief

If you are suffering from an injury, sharp pain or tension in your hands or feet, don’t hesitate to call or visit our website to schedule an appointment. Your health is our priority at Round Rock Health and Wellness, and we are here to help you feel better.

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