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Deep Tissue Massage (Round Rock, TX)

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A deep tissue massage is more specific than the Swedish massage since the massage work focuses on your problem areas. A deep tissue massage is excellent for eliminating tension from your body, plus reducing muscle tightness and pain. Techniques used may include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education, and active release stretching. The massage therapists of Round Rock Health and Wellness will talk to every client before their massage begins to determine their specific areas of concern and possible causes of their muscle tension and pain. Once the therapist has assessed the areas of concern, the massage can be tailored to best treat those areas to give each client maximum relief.

What to Expect

A deep tissue massage will focus on your trouble spots on your body with slow, deliberate strokes that reach deeper layers of muscles tendons, and soft tissue. Neuromuscular re-education or therapy can be an important part of a deep tissue massage as the massage therapist manipulates the soft tissue that causes pain in the muscles and nervous system. The massage therapist will find trigger points and use massage to improve circulation and release the tension.

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Sometimes stress and tension burrow deep in your muscles and leave you with chronic stress and tension. Enjoy a deep tissue massage at Round Rock Health and Wellness to help relax your muscles.

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