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What is lifestyle detoxification? It simply means that your body needs to get rid of toxins that are poisoning your efforts to better your health.

The liver acts as the detoxification hub for the body and works with the gallbladder, pancreas and intestines to process food. It cleanses the blood of harmful substances and generates bile, which is a fluid that breaks down our food. This helps our bodies to rid itself of waste and toxins. It also regulates blood clotting, breaks down fat, and stores iron. It’s even responsible for storing and releasing sugar. Therefore, without proper liver function, our bodies can be compromised. Toxins can be recirculated back into the bloodstream which can cause multiple health issues.

An unhealthy liver can prevent you from losing weight and more.  Eating a nutritious diet is extremely important to maintaining a healthy liver. Consuming high amounts of unhealthy food can overwork and cause damage to the liver. Improving your body’s natural detoxification process can be accomplished by altering your current diet and by incorporating natural detoxifying methods like fasting or juicing. We are here at Round Rock Health and Wellness to help you understand why detoxing is important and how to implement it into your routine.

About Our Services

In order to detoxify the body and improve liver function, our staff will meet with patients to provide them with natural detoxification methods. Some methods may include, modifications to diet, juicing and natural supplements. The key is not starvation, but detoxification. The goal is to decrease the amounts of transfats, preservatives, processed meats, alcohol and artificial sweeteners that are in your diet. By consuming less of these foods, the liver won’t have to work so hard in riding the body of toxins. Why? Because, when we eat natural foods like fruits and vegetables, the body absorbs the vitamins and nutrients that naturally exist in these super foods. Consuming food with added chemicals and artificial ingredients is not natural. Therefore, your body must work extra hard to separate the good stuff from the bad. This causes stress on the liver, which can compromise your immune system. Our staff provide patients with resources and education on how to detoxify their body once the initial consultation is completed.

What to Expect

Ridding the body of toxins makes it stronger and optimizes functionality. It’s amazing what minor modifications to your diet can do to enhance liver function. Even practical tips like, drinking more water can improve your body’s natural detoxification process. When you consume the proper amount of water, it assists in flushing the digestive system of toxins through the urinary tract. In simple terms, urination cleanses the body of toxins. When you detoxify your body, you improve and prevent conditions and/or diseases like:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Irregular glucose levels
  • Poor cholesterol
  • Poor metabolism
  • Hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Various infections
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Lifestyle detoxification at Round Rock Health and Wellness is all about strategically helping your liver function more efficiently. We will talk you through the process! Call and schedule an appointment to talk to our staff about lifestyle detoxification today.

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