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America has some of the best healthcare available in the world. However, due to the demanding schedules of hospitals and high patient-to-doctor ratios, doctors are unable to provide extended, undivided attention to help patients through some of their health issues. Patients are often seen for a few minutes and quickly sent off with multiple prescriptions to treat their symptoms, instead of truly understanding the cause of their illness. As a result, our society is increasingly growing more medicated, depressed, and obese. Therefore, functional medicine/wellness was created out of the need to provide patients with quality care to address the underlying cause of their ailments. Round Rock Health and Wellness is proud to offer functional medicine services to residents throughout the Austin, TX area with a goal to provide the body with the tools to naturally heal imbalances.

For more information, you can go to DRBINNERWELLNESS.COM to learn more about Functional Medicine.

About Our Services

Medical professionals, such as Nutritionists, Chiropractors, and Health Coaches provide patients with a new approach to treat their body. Practical tools such as adjusting one’s diet and making lifestyle modifications, assist the body in functioning optimally. Functional medicine is based off of principals that reduce, and even eliminate toxins, ailments, and chronic stress.

At Round Rock Health & Wellness, Functional Medicine Practitioners provide multiple services. These services include nutritional therapy, gastrointestinal and hormone health, detoxification, and lifestyle modification. Prior to any treatment, our Doctors will meet with a patient to thoroughly discuss their health history. During this time, we will perform several tests to determine the patient’s unique biology and current health condition.

To determine imbalances in the body, the Doctor will ask detailed questions regarding a patient’s diet, medications, emotional health, sleeping habits, and physical exercise. Once all the data is collected, we work closely with the patient to determine a treatment plan.

What to Expect

Our goal is to provide safe, compassionate care to every patient. That’s why Dr. Binner  takes his time with patients to offer them undivided attention that many Doctors in a hospital (unfortunately) can’t give. As a functional medicine practitioner,  the disease is not what is treated as that is only a description of the symptoms. It is not the goal to treat the symptoms, but the underlying imbalances whether they be nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, excessive stress, or other lifestyle issues. Once the imbalances are determined by a thorough evaluation via your intake forms and examination, history and advanced testing, Dr. Binner formulates an individualized treatment protocol is established which allows the body to naturally heal itself without medications or surgery. As a result, patients are empowered and equipped with the necessary tools they need to live healthier lives. Patients report feeling stronger, more mentally aware, and energized. In addition it is Dr. Binner's goal to educate his patients along the way on the healthiest lifestyle habits to incorporate into their daily lives as to continue to live a vital and rewarding life.

At times following the evaluation, it is apparent to Dr. Binner that your condition can not be properly addressed via natural protocols and is a condition that is best evaluated or addressed medically,  Dr. Binner will refer you out to the appropriate provider for proper follow-up and evaluation.

By addressing the underlying causes of the condition and not the symptoms or disease, many conditions can be effectively improved by proper, effective functional medicine protocols. These conditions include the following:

  • Adrenal Fatique
  • Detoxification issues
  • Causes of Thyroid imbalances
  • Blood sugar levels via 
  • Allergies
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Fibro-myalgia
  • Fatigue
  • Cholesterol imbalances
  • Digestive function

In addition the list above, functional medicine can help in so many additional ways. The key is understanding what is causing your symptoms, and creating a custom strategy to turn it around. That is what Dr. Binner strives to do for each of his patients as it is one of our most important core focus principles.


Disclaimer: Dr. Binner is not a medical doctor nor does he treat the disease or disorders above. His main focus via his functional wellness protocols is to identify the underlying causes that may be feeding into the condition. These may include deficiencies or imbalance of lifestyle factors including: nutrition, sleep, toxicity, stress, quality of nerve flow, past injuries, lack of proper exercise or various non acute physiological imbalances, etc... By exposing all involved factors and addressing them via natural/non pharmaceutical  methodologies and life modifications, the body is given the best chance to heal itself. Dr. Binner advises all of his patients to continue to be under the care of their primary care physician to address any medical condition when needed. 

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If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired please call our office today in Round Rock, TX and learn more about the natural/non-medical approach of  functional medicine/wellness. This is a field of healthcare, that when understood and implemented into everyday life, live change for the better.

If you have a question for Dr. Binner, feel free to chime in on our Facebook page or just give us a call at the office. Dr. Binner would be happy to address any questions that you may have.

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