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Our Wellness Club program offers outstanding benefits, including monthly massages that allow individuals to heal and recover from physical activity.

A Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes with varied pressure to assist with stress relief, pain management, immune stimulation, and relaxation.

A deep tissue massage focuses on trouble spots identified by the client using techniques that reduce muscle tightness and pain for lower body tension.

Our Wellness Center offers sports massage therapy for athletes at all levels, to help rehabilitate injury, relieve tension, and decrease pain.

A lymphatic massage, also known as a manual lymph drainage, uses light pressure to stimulate the flow of the lymph fluid, which improves healing.

Prenatal massage therapy is a great way to help improve discomfort and relieve aches and pains during pregnancy.

To increase the effectiveness of any massage, add on a full or mini hot stone massage that warms the soft tissue and muscles for greater relief.

Round Rock Health and Wellness offers hand and feet treatment to soothe overused tendons and ligaments and relieve soreness.

Face treatments begin with a therapeutic face massage with a steamed, aromatic towels to rejuvenate the skin and create a relaxed feeling.

Using essential, natural oils and gentle massaging techniques, patients can relax and de-stress with our custom head and scalp treatments.

Round Rock Health and Wellness offers numerous massage treatments that can be used throughout the year with one of our membership plans.

We offer chiropractic medicine, which diagnoses and treats nerve and muscle pain through physical adjustments, exercises, and massage therapy.

Patients visit our chiropractors for a number of reasons, including spinal and neck pain, migraines, pulled muscles, nerve injury, and arthritis.

An adjustment is a procedure performed by a certified chiropractic doctor that adjusts the spine and other joints in the body to alleviate pain.

For patients who have been injured or have experienced trauma, chiropractic rehab techniques are performed to bring the patient back to health.

Our chiropractors are experienced and trained to treat athletes at all levels, helping them to overcome their injury and get back into the game.

Pregnancy is hard on a woman's body. Chiropractic care can help increase blood circulation, and decrease pinched nerves and back pain.

Preventative spine care involves routine checks with our chiropractors to ensure the body is in alignment and to maintain the integrity of the spine.

Our health and wellness center offers core stabilization training to help people fixate their core (ab muscles), which helps put the body in balance.

Acupuncture has risen in popularity in recent years and uses thin needles to pinpoint and safely alleviate pain for many ailments and injuries.

Acupuncture is often combined with other therapies to help treat many different ailments, and is known for bringing instant relief in many cases.

We offer our patients private and serene acupuncture rooms to relax and have their treatments

Our on-site Acupuncturists offer several methods for acupuncture treatment, including microcurrent stimulation, cupping, and traditional needling.

Our health and wellness center offers various acupuncture packages that range in price depending on the type of treatment and number of sessions.

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